The Internet and how I Googled myself into Inner Heaven

May 1, 2018
May 1, 2018 aaeq12
the Internet and how I Googled myself into Inner Heaven (installation art) .
An essay by Sara Nicole England.
The exhibit took place September 9–October 21, 2016 at Xpace Cultural Centre in Toronto.
window display, video installation, post internet, canadian art, emerging artist, ocad u, xpace
long ambients1: calm. sleep.: Moby and the Virtually Sacred
Multi-media artist Stacie Ant’s window installation The Internet and how I Googled myself into inner heaven references both homemade website aesthetics and commercial window displays. For passersby unaware of Xpace’s exhibition structure, the window display might allude to a gimmicky pop-up shop or better yet, an “as-seen-on-TV”
store,moving “life hack” products from screen to IRL to nullify online buyers’ apprehensions. The exhibition features a hand-painted backdrop of small, puffy clouds against aqua blue skies—a typical web layout option, I’m told. The pattern moves into the foreground, repeating on the front faces of three plinths. Their remaining sides, covered with a vector-printed wallpaper, explode the sky into geometric pieces—perhaps a reference to the backend of a website. Several portable DVD players, a picture frame, propped book, and various votive candles fill the floor space. Two hologram posters of Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ hang from the ceiling like discount sales signs.
Together, the imagery appears to market a religious enterprise that follows some elements of Christianity. However, the face behind the business is not Jesus but Moby, the American singer – songwriter, musician, and DJ known for his trance  -inducing electronic music. Moby’s floating face fills the picture frame and book cover, both framed by the title The Internet and how I Googled myself to inner heaven.
Here’s the lynchpin of the work: the amalgamation of Google and Heaven as places of, or means to, transcendence, with Richard Melville Hall as our guide.
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