MOTHERBOARD – new animation out now!

May 17, 2018
May 17, 2018 aaeq12

MOTHERBOARD explores the themes of technology versus carnal existence.
The experimental animation takes the viewer on a journey to an uncanny future where self-reproducing artificial intelligence evolved to become the dominant species.

The animation references elements of retro-futurism to heighten a sense of familiarity with the depicted dystopian future. The video attempts to engage its audience by exposing them to recognizable visual and audio cues that allude to a potentially self-fulfilling prophecy of enslavement that is often portrayed in science fiction films throughout cinematic history.

The AI characters are loosely inspired by the robot Sophia that has frequently been in the news for becoming the first AI to receive citizenship. Sophia is presented to the public as an attractive young woman; possessing harmless characteristics classically associated with femininity. She is undoubtedly “dolled up” for the male gaze as she appears in conferences asking the male investors to put money into perfecting artificial intelligence. MOTHERBOARD is inspired by the ironic process of humanity potentially buying into their own extinction as they subconsciously chase their predatory pursuits.

*Music by SINS*

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