Tornado Wallace “Midnight Mania” – Music Video

February 11, 2020
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February 11, 2020 Anke Sondi

New Music video for Tornado Wallace “Midnight Mania”

Midnight Mania

The reimagining of a dream

 Tornado Wallace is a music producer and former deejay from Melbourne based in Berlin.

He tells the story behind the video:
“I was half knocked out on a sleeping pill on a flight from Europe to Australia when my phone started playing an earlier draft of the track. In this fuzzy state I had a weird dream along with the music. I immediately wrote the dream down in my phone notes and kind of forgot about it until I saw it months later. Being a fan of Stacie’s stuff already, I asked her if she could reimagine the dream for this music video clip. With some scenes spliced in by Martin Onassis for extra psychedelia.”

Music by  Tornado Wallace,  3D Video by Stacie Ant with scenes by Martin Onassis

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