Braw Haus X NoName Event

November 10, 2020
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November 10, 2020 Anke Sondi

Brau Haus X NoName

Pop up event collaboration ย ย 

braw haus, no name shoes, pop up, party, New York, Paris, digital, video

Braw is a new age creative agency devoted to showcasing emerging experiential and technology-driven art through spatial installations. Last year they collaborated with No Name Shoes and 12 digital artists for a pop- up event in New York and Paris.

Stacie Ant was one of the artists participating in the event, she created a video that was shown during the V-jay performance.

Artists featured: @strandtuch_music,ย  @peterburr,ย  @aitana_basquiat,ย  @oqstudio,ย  @whosthereplease,ย  @Dvdp,ย @theumbrellanyc,ย @freakydebbie,ย,ย  @carol_girod,ย @parasolprojects,ย 


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