Milan Fashion Week – Adriana Hot Couture SS21

September 28, 2020
September 28, 2020 Anke Sondi

Milan Fashion Week

Adriana Hot Couture SS21 x Stacie Ant


We are entering the age of the REALITY-VIRTUALITY CONTINUUM

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Adriana Hot Couture is a project between fashion and art. Fashion has always explored everything novel, and in the last couple of years we enjoyed virtual clothes, 3D make-up and avatar fashion shows – but in all these examples those two worlds have always been clearly separate, others; on one side you have the virtual, and on the other you have reality. At Adriana Hot Couture we wanted to go further, stating how the virtual has infiltrated the real and merged with it: we are entering the age of the REALITY-VIRTUALITY CONTINUUM. For the SPRING SUMMER 2021 AHC teamed up with some computer artists to create a living manifesto of this new era. The aim is to question the foundation itself of our reality model, and to immerse ourselves completely in the world of representations, ultimately becoming one with it.

Stacie Ant was one of the artist that AHC teamed up with, to create some pieces for the Fashion Show.

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The show was constructed as an art performance where every certainty becomes hazy: models share the space with dolls, teenagers and bodybuilders, videos bought on fiverr from different corners of the world introduce you to the collection, and thanks to a new immersive technology you’ll see the accessories, make up and looks come alive. We didn’t know if this was going to succeed until the day of the show, since the technology used is so new and has not been implemented yet with face and body tracking, but this uncertainty is part of the process. What is real? What is virtual? What is true? What is fake? We are entering the age of the REALITY-VIRTUALITY CONTINUUM.

Mixed Reality Glasses Developer @ministerzero, @magicleap glasses provided by In this video: Dress @lele_3d, hat @lollofromos, sunglasses @filippo.ghisleri, bag @hardmetacore, shoes @whosthereplease ❤️
Soundtrack @unusual_magic, Location @galerasansoda, Doll @__t__r__g__, Video by @blancherie



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