Road Rally V.1.0 by Silicon Valet @ BARCU Art Fair

October 15, 2020
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October 15, 2020 Anke Sondi

Road Rally V.1.0

Group Exhibition & Lot Residency Retrospective presented by Silicon Valet @ BARCU Art Fair

Barcu silicon valet salad eating bitches video exhibition

Traditionally, a road rally is a specific kind of automobile race oriented towards amateur motorsport enthusiasts that takes place on public roads. Emphasizing precision, enjoyment of the driving experience, and camaraderie amongst drivers rather than speed, the road rally  is an inexpensive and accessible motorsport that offers inclusion of drivers with a wide range of abilities and experience.

Building upon Silicon Valet’s extended metaphor as a “virtual parking lot for digital art,” this special presentation relies upon the metaphor of the road rally to push back against the exploitative and accelerationist conditions that permeate contemporary arts landscapes. Instead, and in line with the impetus for the Lot Residency program, this exhibition advocates for: fellowship amongst artists; critical examination of technological infrastructures, platform-mediated realities, and working arts environments; and, a holistic approach to artistic development and creative inquiry rather than a mad dash towards an imaginary goal or finish line.

Stacie Ant is one of the artist presenting her work at this online exhibition. On showcase is her video “Salad Sating Betches” & “Libra” accompanied by a Mall installation.

online exhibition barcu silicon valet salad eating

online exhibition mall salad eating betches silicon valet

Road Rally V.1.0 exhibition can be found here

Silicon Valet was Founded in 2019. It’s a virtual parking lot for expanded internet practice, serving as a global hub for artists working with the internet and digital materials. In addition to an online exhibition program and near-daily Instagram showcase platform, Silicon Valet offers a virtual residency program that provides one artist at a time the opportunity to experiment with algorithmically determined & feed-based display environments.

Participating Artists: Stacie Ant, Tudor Ciurescu,  Commonolithic,  Nicholas Delap, Anneli Goeller, Nathan Harper,  Matthew Keff, Carson Lynn, Molly Erin McCarthy,  Adrian Pijoan, Trystan Williams

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